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Stereotactic Academy

Under the auspices of the World Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery

About Stereotactic Academy

Welcome to this e-learning resource for stereotactic functional neurosurgery and DBS, with focus on visual anatomical targeting.

The aim of this website is to cover every detail of DBS that is of importance from a clinical perspective, including the most fundamental basics. The site is therefore suitable for young colleagues who are starting their training within the field of stereotactic functional neurosurgery and DBS. Hopefully, some of the lectures will also be of value to more experienced colleagues, and to nonneurosurgeons with an interest in DBS.

Browse through all 125 lectures here. Take them in free order, or as a part of a course carefully packaged together with other relevant material including downloadable operation plans.

Before entering the website, please look at the website presentation and study guide.

We recommend using Google Chrome for browsing the website and viewing the lectures.

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Meet the Experts

Adolfo Ramirez-Zamora

Anders Fytagoridis

Andres Lozano

Anna Fredricks

Anna-Lena Törnqvist

Binith Cheeran

Carine Karachi

Christopher Honey

Fabioloa Alonso

Francisco Velasco

Harith Akram

Hidehiro Hirabayash

Hiroki Toda

James Rutka

Jeff Elias

Joachim Krauss

Jocelyne Bloch

Jorge Guridi

Joseph Neimat

Joshua Pepper

Julie Pilitsis

Karin Wårdell

Kim Burchiel

Kostiantin Kostiuk

Manjul Tripathi

Marwan Hariz

Michael Barbe

Michael Schulder

Patric Blomstedt

Patricia Limousin

Pedro Rebelo

Pedro Roldan

Rees Cosgrove

Simon Little

Takaomi Taira

Terry Coyne

Till Dembek

Tipu Aziz

Vanessa Milanese Holanda

Veerle Visser-Vandewalle

Meet, learn, share experience

Join your colleagues shaping the future of stereotactic functional neurosurgery


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